Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The show must go on

I just love blog, every morning I get up, I couldn't stop thinking what I did yesterday, what have I thought on things and life, and what just happened to me and my family, and how that effect my belief and religion or ridiculous personal philosophy.

I tend to get excited after I explore new things, as I discover I found myself drown into the situation, after that I feel I am out of control in my mind like a ball that keep bouncing everywhere, however next morning I wake up I feel the ball not bounce as hard as yesterday, and I would treat maybe that's just a bad dream.

Anyway, the earth is still beautiful and quiet it, and there are things need to do and be made of, I am just so bad at planing stuff, and make reckless decision, however I never feel sorry or regret for what I choose, I trust my courage to do this and finish what I start it, and I know that's stubbornness right there would made some people mad, however that's what character is stand for, and it will never fade away.

I still have to keep doing what I am doing, and work with people, hopefully I will have a good vibe with them, because I know cruise-ship is coming, and I want to be on that boat with them.