Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reel'09 Remix

Hey Guys, Here is a bunch of 3d/2d motion graphic and animation I did over pass three years. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Oh yeah, Happy Chinese New Years.


  1. Happy new year Bolin! Nice demo reel, I think you should put your name at the end when you show up. Good work!

  2. haha,thanks Antonio, Happy new year too.

  3. that reel was awesome!! sorry haven't talked in a while, i'm working on thesis all the time.
    hope this semester has been productive. ttyl.

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  5. Hi Bolin,
    do u not have facebook anymore?
    I've been trying to get in touch with you.
    anyways, my cellphone doesn't work until 4/11, but you can reach me via email,
    I hope you get this message!

  6. Bolin!!! Hows it going my brother? Hope all is well sir, your work is looking mighty good as usual - you should be working!! forget about school, sheesh

    Have a great summer man!

  7. Awesome stuff man, your hard work is clearly paying off.

  8. Wow very awesome looking reel! Is this all out of class work? I'm very interested in taking a class that explores motion design with 3d.